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Malta Boxing: Welcome to the new home of Maltese boxing. Our comprehensive guide includes articles; videos; boxer lists; leading promoters; and information on the Malta Boxing Association.

Classic Fight

Christian ‘Coqqos’ Schembri vs Scaccia

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Leading Promoters

Prize Boxing Promotions
Founded by Demis Tonna, Prize Boxing Promotions is the most prestigious and active boxing promoter in Malta. Previous events have featured televised WBC title fights and leading stars such as Malik Zinad and Patricia Berghult. Website

Super Boxing Nights
Fan’s favourite Steve Martin organises and fights on these charity shows. Website

Chavez Promotions
Founded by Charlie Muscat, Chavez Promotions showcases up-and-coming prospects and unlicensed boxers. Website

Southpaw Promotions
Veteran boxer Billy Corito promotes and fights on his own unlicensed shows. Website

Boxers in Malta

Boxers in Malta

  • Haitham Lamouz – MBA boxer
  • Christian ‘Coqqos’ Schembri – MBA boxer
  • Malik Zinad – MBA boxer
  • Brandon Borg – MBA boxer
  • Niclas Elfstedt- MBA boxer
  • Theon Camilleri – MBA boxer
  • Tyrone Borg
  • Steve Martin – MBA boxer
  • Lydon Chircop – MBA boxer
  • Scott Dixon
  • Kerstin Brown
  • Dione Galea
  • Yannis Magro – MBA boxer
  • Billy Corito
  • Clarence Goyeram – MBA boxer
  • Moez Zinad – MBA boxer
  • Fathi Brebesh
  • Elton Azzopardi – MBA boxer
  • Richard Vella
  • Romain Amengual
  • Bray Pace
  • Joshua Muscat
  • Mike Carter

The Malta Boxing Association (MBA) is the governing body that oversees all aspects of professional boxing in Malta. This includes sanctioning events and issuing licences to boxers, coaches, promoters and more.

The current president, Marc James, is striving to take Malta boxing to the next level – and things seem to be heading in the right direction. In recent years we have seen partnerships formed with the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the European Boxing Union (EBU).

Interested in working with the MBA? The are always looking for enthusiastic people to join their ranks as a referee, judge, or match official. Check out their website which also includes forms for boxers, coaches, promoters and more. Website

Boxing Classes in Malta
Boxing Classes in Malta

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Malta Boxing

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