• The Perfect Heavyweight

    The Perfect Heavyweight

    The Perfect Heavyweight: It has long been discussed who the greatest heavyweight of all time was. Most would say Muhammad Ali, others Joe Louis or Mike Tyson. But what if we could take the best aspects of various boxers and combine them? The best jab, the best chin, the...
  • How Real is Rocky?

    How Real is Rocky?

    With the recent release of Creed 2, Rocky fans are once again reminiscing about the many highlights of the movie anthology. However, even among those aforementioned fans, there is the common belief that Rocky movies are far-fetched, serving up pure entertainment rather than any sort of realistic look at...
  • Live Boxing is Back!

    Finally, after a long wait, live boxing with spectators is about to return to our screens! And someone has beaten Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren to the punch… On Sunday 5th of July, Britain’s former Commonwealth champion Scott Dixon makes his return to the ring. In the opposite corner...
  • Coqqos vs Dixon: Rematch!

    Coqqos vs Dixon: It looks like two of the biggest names in Maltese boxing have taken a step closer to facing one another in the ring – for the third time! With boxing currently on hold amid the COVID-19 crisis, Malta’s leading promoter Demis Tonna (Prize Boxing Promotions) asked...
  • Celtic Warrior Boxing Gym

    Celtic Warrior Boxing Gym

    The Celtic Warrior Boxing Gym is arguably the boxing gym in Ireland. Run by Paschal Collins – the brother of former world champion Steve – it is the ideal place for fitness enthusiasts, amateur boxers, and even professionals to hone their skills. Below we give you some background info...
  • Top 10 Greatest Heavyweights

    Deciding who should be on the list of Top 10 Greatest Heavyweights, and in what particular order, is always going to be a bone of contention among boxing fans. What follows is BoxBets own opinion on the matter. Please do leave a comment with your personal Top 10 below....
  • Rocky Films Movies Sylvester Stallone

    Top 5 Boxing Movies

    BoxBets list what we consider to be the top 5 boxing movies of all time. Perhaps number one isn’t what you thought it would be, and there are a few other surprises in there too. Take a look and find out! 5. RAGING BULL (1980) Cast: Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci Fact...
  • Anthony Joshua

    Has Anthony Joshua Been Left Behind?

    (Photo Courtesy of Top Class Boxing) It is fair to say that heavyweight boxing is going through a purple patch right now, after years of playing second fiddle to lighter weight classes, and also to the grappling circus otherwise known as UFC, it is now back in the spotlight...
  • mike-tyson

    Mike Tyson: Worthy of the International Boxing Hall of Fame?

    It did come as a bit of a surprise when I found out that Mike Tyson was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame. I knew he had some involvement with the WWE, but surely not enough to warrant a place in their Hall of Fame.  What...
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