IBF International Boxing Federation

The IBF International Boxing Federation, originally entitled the United States Boxing Association, initially operated as a regional championship organisation similar to the North American Boxing Federation (NABF). However, when then USBA president Bob Lee failed in his bid to become head of the WBA at their 1983 convention, he and others decided to establish a new, world level governing body.

They set up their main offices in New Jersey, where they are still based to this day, and for a short time went under the name of the USBA-International.

During the first year of it’s existence they crowned Cruiserweight Marvin Camel, a former WBC belt holder, their first world champion. However, it wasn’t until 1984 that the International Boxing Federation started to come to prominence.

Their approach was to name well established champions from other organisations as IBF title holders. Such big names as Marvin Hagler, Aaron Pryor, Donald Curry, and Larry Holmes were being recognised as IBF champions. Holmes, the linear heavyweight champion, relinquished his WBC belt to accept the IBF crown.

This event caused plenty of ripples in the sport and led to the IBF being recognised as the “third” world governing body.

Formation 1983
Headquarters Springfield, New Jersey, USA
President Daryl J. Peoples
Website www.ibf-usba-boxing.com
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IBF International Boxing Federation