WBO World Boxing Organisation


In a similar fashion to the creation of the IBF, the WBO World Boxing Organisation was established after a disagreement at a WBA annual convention. The aforementioned disagreement was in relation to what rules should be applied, and led to a group of businessmen from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic setting up the new governing body in 1988.

Under the leadership of inaugural president Ramon Pina Acevedo, the WBO struggled to gain recognition as a true world level governing body – this was despite crowning Thomas Hearns as their first ever world champion after winning their Super Middleweight title.

It is fair to say that the WBO was better received in Europe than it was in the USA.

In a bid to improve it’s global credibility, the WBO then elected former world Light Heavyweight champion Jose Torres as it’s next president in 1990. However, in the short term, this did little to improve the organisation’s status as it wasn’t until 2001 that the WBA started recognising their champions. This was followed by the WBC in 2004 and the IBF in 2007.

Today the WBO is seen as the fourth, legitimate, world body in the sport of boxing.

Motto Dignity, Democracy, Honesty
Formation 1988
Headquarters San Juan, Puerto Rico
President Francisco Varcarcel
Website www.wboboxing.com
Click here for the official WBO regulations. 

WBO World Boxing Organisation Logo

WBO World Boxing Organisation


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