WBC World Boxing Council


Often regarded as the most prestigious governing body, WBC World Boxing Council was created on the 14th of February 1963 in Mexico City. Initially formed by just 11 member countries (the USA, the UK, France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, and the Philippines), it now represents over 160 member nations.

Under the presidency of Jose Sulaiman, the World Boxing Council became known as an innovator in helping to improve the safety of the sport of boxing.

Such changes included reducing the number of rounds in championship contests from 15 to 12; the creation of many additional weight divisions; introducing official weigh-ins 24 hours prior to the actual bout (as opposed to same day weigh-ins); improvements to boxing gloves (the creation of the Thumb Glove); and the establishment of the respected World Medical Congress.

Current president Mauricio Sulaiman is the son of Jose and succeeded his father following his death in 2014.

Formation  1963
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico
President Mauricio Sulaimán
Website www.wbcboxing.com
Click here for the official WBC regulations. 

WBC World Boxing Council LogoWBC World Boxing Council


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