The Perfect Heavyweight

The Perfect Heavyweight

The Perfect Heavyweight: It has long been discussed who the greatest heavyweight of all time was. Most would say Muhammad Ali, others Joe Louis or Mike Tyson.

But what if we could take the best aspects of various boxers and combine them? The best jab, the best chin, the best left hook etc. We would have ourselves the perfect heavyweight. Take a look at our choices below to create such a boxer:

Best Jab: Larry Holmes

It will come as little surprise but we have gone for Larry Holmes here – and we think most of you would agree. The often used term ‘ram rod jab’ is certainly applicable here! His jab was an effective weapon in itself, not just used for setting up right hands or combinations.

Notable Mention: Muhammad Ali

Best Straight Right: Deontay Wilder

One of the few active boxers on this list, but Wilder’s right hand is certainly worth inclusion. At the time of writing, he has knocked-out 41 of his 44 opponents – that’s an impressive 93%, and most of those have come from his deadly right hand! As it stands, Wilder has the highest KO percentage of any heavyweight in history.

Notable Mention: George Foreman

Best Left Hook: Joe Frazier

It was that punch that sent Muhammad Ali to the canvas in round 15 of their epic first battle. Due to his fighting style, Frazier often threw the hook rising out of a slight crouch, which just gave it even more power. Many of his 27 KO’d opponents succumbed to the hook we consider the best in the heavyweight division.

Notable Mention: Mike Tyson

Best Heart: Muhammad Ali

Ali had the heart of a lion and displayed it multiple times in his career – especially during the latter stages when he no longer had the same movement of his hay-day. He absorbed punishment in many of those bouts, but always fought with bravery and perseverance.

The fact that he even took the fight with Foreman, knowing what would lie ahead, speaks volumes.

Notable Mention: Joe Frazier

Best Chin: George Chuvalo

Despite partaking in 93 professional bouts, George Chuvalo was never knocked down! That statistic is even more impressive when you consider who we went up against. He faced Joe Frazier’s left hook and George Foreman’s right hand and didn’t touch the canvas once.

Notable Mention: David Tua

Best Defence: Mike Tyson

A lot of casual fans think of Tyson as a slugger or a force of pure aggression, but his skills are often overlooked – none more so than his defensive ability. Tyson’s head movement from his peak-a-boo stance was exceptional. He could close gaps and get in close without taking a single shot. Phenomenal reflexes.

Notable Mention: Jack Johnson

Best Movement: Tyson Fury

Very, very close decision here, and many of you will be screaming out: “Muhammad Ali”, but Fury edges it. What is especially impressive about Fury is that he is 6’9″ tall and usually weighs in over 18 stone – some three stone heavier than Ali.

Movement is something Fury has focused on more and more as his career has progressed, and this was very evident in his first encounter with Deontay Wilder.

Notable Mention: Muhammad Ali

The Perfect Heavyweight

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