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Boxing News: February

Fury-Wilder Predictions

Fury vs Wilder Predictions

Tyson interviews Tyson

Mike Tyson interviews Tyson Fury. Must See!!!!!

Mayweather Broke?

If you believe what you hear, then it seems Floyd ‘Money’ Weather has run out of money!

The claims come from former friend 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson), who says that Floyd has burnt through his many millions funding his lavish lifestyle. Further, Jackson claims Floyd is considering a return to the ring to keep the cash coming in.

I’m hoping this is not true, and just 50 Cent stirring things up due to the tension that exists between the pair. Considering Forbes magazine once stated that Mayweather had a personal wealth of $706 Million, it would be a poor show if he has managed to get through all that!

Wilder vs Fury Predictions

Pacquiao vs McGregor

Boxing News

Now that Manny Pacquiao has joined the same management team as Conor McGregor, rumours have been swirling around the internet that the two will face each other in the ring!

Apparently, a fight was almost made between them in the not too distant past. Now it could be an easier deal to make this time around…

But McGregor got spanked the last time he stepped into the ring, and even though Pac-Man is 41, he would more than likely do the same to him.

Will Conor keep challenging ageing boxers until he finally beats one? Then we will no doubt have to listen to the ‘MMA is better than boxing’ rubbish from UFC fans afterwards. Yawn…

Del Boy

Looks like Dereck Chisora will have to wait a bit longer before facing Oleksandr Usyk. The unbeaten Ukrainian injured his elbow and I hear it will be at least May before he is ready. That means their March 28th date is now out the window…

30 Years ago...

It’s the 30 year anniversary of the fight that shook boxing to its foundations: Tyson vs Douglas!

Great night for Buster, but he definitely didn’t make the most of this opportunity. And it seems like Andy Ruiz Jr has followed in his footsteps.

And I still like to remind people that Tyson knocked Douglas out in the eighth round. If it wasn’t for that long count…

Tyson Fury Interview

Boxing News: Tyson Fury tells all in this great interview

Crap! Sorry, I mean Rap!

Boxing News

Anthony Joshua took to the stage at Garage Nation, where he sang 21 Seconds by So Solid Crew…

Now, I like to sing at any karaoke bar that will have me, but a song by So Solid Crew? Get a grip, lad! You should have chosen something by Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Now those boys could sing!

No Reduction in Weight Divisions

Boxing News Big Sam

Now, I have heard many new boxing fans tell me there are too many weight divisions. Rubbish! And WBC boss Mauricio Sulaiman agrees with me.

Sure, we used to only have eight divisions in the old days, but by having the additional categories it makes things safer for the boxers in terms of making weight and preventing large differences between the boxer’s weight.

In any case, Sulaiman has stated that the WBC will not be reducing the number of divisions.

If fans want to complain, then go and complain about ‘Silver’ champions and ‘Diamond’ champions and all that stuff. Now that is something we could reduce: the number of belts a organisation gives out in each weight division!

Deontay Wilder Interview

Deontay Wilder talks about Fury rematch
Kell Brook Wins

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Kell Brook dropped Mark DeLuca in round three, then stopped him four rounds later at the Sheffield Arena. After being out of the ring for 14 months, it was a good night for Kell, but I can’t help but feel he hasn’t made the most of his career.

Same goes for Amir Khan – he became obsessed with securing a fight with Mayweather or Pacquiao, rather than just getting on with things. And when are Kell and Khan going to face each other? That fight has lost a lot of its status due to them delaying things…

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Dubois vs Joyce

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Battle of the big boys! Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce has been confirmed for April.

This is a very risky match-up that my old pal Frank Warren has set up here. Dubois has power in abundance, but Joyce has faced a higher quality of opponent at this stage in his career.

Both fighters are on Frank’s books, but due to their ages, I can’t help but feel he sees Dubois as his long term star. So I’m guessing that he is secretly hoping Dubois wins this one.

Whatever happens on the night, I’m expecting a barn-stormer of a fight!

Interested in this fight?

Tyson Fury's Defensive Skills

Ben Davison discusses Tyson Fury’s defensive skills

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