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Interested in watching classic fights or perhaps learning how to box? Our Boxing DVDs section has something for everyone. From documentaries on your favourite boxer, to a coaching guide, to boxing films we have it covered. Take a look below at some of our highly recommend boxing DVDs if you are unsure where to start.

Boxing DVDs: Recommended

The Top 10 Greatest Heavyweights

Doesn’t every boxing fan debate who the top 10 greatest heavyweights of all time are? This is a very slick 3 disc production from ESPN which aims to settle that debate once and for all! Renowned broadcaster Brian Kenny presents the show from the world famous Gleason’s Gym, with Bert Sugar (boxing historian and former Ring Magazine editor) listing the top 10 and in which order! The pair are joined by some big name guests such as former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes and Teddy Atlas.

The show moves along at a steady pace mixing vintage fight footage with discussions on each boxers merits in the ring. Some of boxing’s greatest legends are shown at their very best in the fight footage, and Bert Sugar and Teddy Atlas are always on hand to offer interesting, and often unknown, facts on the icons we are watching.

If you are a fan of boxing’s past and wish to learn about many of the greats from just one purchase, then this is definitely for you! Epic footage, epic analysis. [BUY THIS DVD]

Tyson: Raw and Uncut

Another great production from ESPN. This particular product focuses on the early career of Mike Tyson – back when he was known as ‘Kid Dynamite’ and in his majestic prime. His first 25 fights are shown, which makes this a true collector’s dream as many of those bouts were never screened on TV. The trio of Cus D’Amato, Bill Clayton, and Jim Jacobs knew Tyson was set for great things and made a point of filming all his early contests – they knew one day media outlets and boxing fans would flock to see them.

Watch Tyson make his debut as a teenager against Hector Mercedes and cut a swathe through the heavyweight division. This is your chance to see the prime Tyson, the Tyson that true boxing fans think of when they hear his name mentioned. Marvel at his phenomenal hand speed, impregnable defence, and freakish knock-out power. It was these early fights that had boxing pundits and historians watering at the mouth.

Entire bouts are shown, with occasional footage of Tyson and D’Amato being interviewed to add an extra element to the production. You’ll also see behind the scenes training footage of Tyson, and some expert opinions from the likes of Lennox Lewis and George Foreman. A must for any Mike Tyson fan! [BUY THIS DVD]

Rocky: The Complete Saga

What needs to be said? It’s all the Rocky movies (except Creed) bundled together into one amazing package. So many professional boxers have said that Rocky inspired them to take up boxing in the first place. Not only that, but the Rocky series has attracted so many fans to the sport of boxing as well. It is for both those reasons that Slyvester Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He is certainly a great publicist for our sport.

Most boxing fans have seen all these films before, but it is nice to have them all together as a ‘collector’s item’. Watch Rocky Balboa from his early days to that memorable encounter with Ivan Drago, and beyond! This is one item that every boxing fan should have in their boxing DVDs collection. [BUY THIS DVD]

Beginning Boxing

We all need to start somewhere and this informative DVD is definitely a big help. Perhaps you just want to train at home, or maybe you want to learn the basics before you turn up at the gym for the first time and ‘go public’. Either way, this DVD will give you a very good grounding in the essentials such as punches, stances, and movement. [BUY THIS DVD]

Raging Bull (20th Anniversary Edition)

Rocky is listed in this recommended section, so we would be amiss not to mention Raging Bull. It is very unfortunate that the ‘Bronx Bull’ Jake La Motta is no longer with us, but this historic DVD gives you the chance to relive his life and achievements in the ring.  Robert DeNiro is outstanding in his portrayal of La Motta, with Joe Pesci in good form as a co-star, and Martin Scorsese working his usual magic as director.

This 20th Anniversary Edition offers you many bonus features: The Bronx Bull (a 27 minute documentary featuring interviews with Jake La Motta and numerous film critics) and ‘Jake’s Jokes’ (a collection of Jake’s best comedy stand-up moments). If that isn’t enough, there is also a 16 page mini-book about the production of the film with behind the scenes info, and some special postcards too.

This is much more than a mere boxing film or DVD, this is a complete souvenir and tribute to an iconic movie. Definitely worth having. [BUY THIS DVD]

Boxing Fitness: A Guide to Get Fighting Fit

Many people today are keen to train in the sport of boxing without having any ambition or desire to actually step inside the ring. Sparring or actually competing in a bout may be very thrilling, but it is not for everyone. More and more people today just want to partake in the training aspect of boxing. It really is a great sport for building strength and stamina, and let’s face it, we all enjoy tacking out our aggression on the heavy bag.

This DVD by Ian Oliver is ideal for anyone wanting to get fit and have fun while doing so. There are numerous training methods and drills here to get you in shape, while having enough variety in the methods to keep you interested too.

This boxing DVDs is also very usual for people that do want to try sparring in their gym, partake in a white-collar contest, or an amateur bout. Whatever your ultimate aim, this DVD is without doubt a good place to get you in shape and used to the various methods involved in boxing training. [BUY THIS DVD]

Boxing DVDs For Sale

Boxing DVDs