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Trash Talk: Why is this so Prominent in Boxing?

It seems that in the run up to a big fight, we can’t get away from news articles about trash talk between fighters. With nothing off limits, they talk about each other’s families, personal lives and talents. We don’t see this nearly as much in other sports, so why do boxers trash talk so much?

It Creates Hype

Muhammad Ali Trash talkingFirst and foremost, when boxers trash talk they know they’ll make headlines. This creates hype and sells tickets to the fight, no one wants to fight in an empty arena after all. They can spend their time and promoter’s money on adverts for the fight, or they can get coverage for free if they trash talk.

It also makes the public excited to see a grudge play out in the ring. They believe that the fighters really have something to prove and this makes them more likely to buy tickets to the fight. Civil boxing matches generally don’t get quite as much hype in this way, unless the fighters are already well known.

With the recent Amir Khan trash talking spat, Khan got a front page headline on BBC Sport, just for throwing a bit of water around. This kind of exposure can cost a lot of cash, so it’s clear to see why he’s making the most of it.

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Building Confidence

Muhammad Ali insult

When fighters insult one another they’re building up their own confidence. While you may not think that these fighters struggle with their confidence, bringing down their opponents will be sure to give them a boost. It’s all about getting a psychological edge over the competition, regardless of the physical edge.

We’ve seen time and again boxers that have the physical edge unable to win the fight. This can be because their opponent has gotten into their head, and they are then unable to compete at the same level. While we’re not saying these fighters are masters of mental manipulation, they can use these opportunities to trash talk as a way to get inside the other fighter’s head.

It’s Funny


People love to watch fighters trash talking as it’s funny to boot. Most of the time these can turn into ridiculous, convoluted conversations that are actually quite amusing to watch. Then, when it

comes to the fight itself, the grudges usually play out in the ring. This can have hilarious twists and turns, which makes the fight more entertaining.

Audiences are much more accustomed to this in boxing than any other sport, so sometimes it feels like we almost expect it. If we don’t get this kind of chat in the run up to a fight then it can be a bit disappointing, as you don’t feel like you’re getting the real experience!

All in all, boxing is a great sport to enjoy and trash talking tends to divide opinion. Some people like it, others think it ruins the sport, let us know which side of the fence you fall on. We’re sure there will be some big trash talk upcoming in the next few weeks.

Watch Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury trade insults:

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