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Welcome to our Boxing Odds page. This is the perfect place to view all upcoming fights and what odds are being offered. We also have a section on ‘boxing odds explained‘ which includes an odds calculator and conversion table. 

Betfred Betting Odds

DateBoxer 1DrawBoxer 2Bet Here
November 18thDenzel

November 26thJermall
December 2ndMichael
December 3rdRyan
December 10thRegis
December 17thJesse
December 26thNaoya
February 2024Tyson
Date TBCArtur

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Boxing Odds Explained

Ever wondered how betting odds works? Then look no further. Our guide below will tell you how to calculate the probability of something happening and how much money you stand to win.

What are boxing odds?

Boxing odds represent the probability of a particular outcome, such as a fighter winning or losing. Odds are typically expressed in the form of a decimal or fraction, with a higher number indicating a lower probability of the outcome occurring.

How are odds determined in boxing betting?

Odds are determined based on several factors, including each fighter’s record, ranking, and recent performance. The odds also take into account how evenly matched the fighters are and the betting patterns of the public.

Using odds to calculate probability

When looking at the boxing odds (a fraction) such as 4/1, you can use a simple formula to calculate how likely this event is to happen – the probability. Let’s change the numbers into letters to make this even easier, so 4/1 would become A/B. The calculation is: Probability (%) = B divided by (A+B). Therefore:

  • 4/1 is calculated as 1 ÷ (4+1) = 0.20  That means there is a 20% chance this will happen.
  • 1/5 is calculated as 5 ÷ (1+5) = 0.83  That means there is a 83% chance this will happen.

Boxing Odds calculator


Using odds to calculate how much you will win

Boxing odds also tell you how much money you can win from your bet. Basically, if you bet the number on the right-hand side, then you will win the money on the left-hand side. Let’s take our example of 4/1 again.

Left hand side = 4    Right hand side = 1
If you bet £1, you will win £4.

  • 4/1 for every £1 you bet, you will win £4
  • 1/4 for every £4 you bet, you will win £1
  • 20/1 for every £1 you bet, you will win £20

Boxing Odds Conversion Table

Boxing OddsProbabilityNet Return

Odds: What the bookie is offering for that particular outcome.
Probability: The chances of that outcome happening.
Net Return: The amount of money you will win. That means if the ‘Net Return’ is 25%, then you will get back your original bet amount plus 25% of its value. So if you bet £100 you will get £125 back.

Odds Summary

Essentially, the higher the odds, the less chance there is of an event happening. However, that also means that you can win a greater amount of money.

Boxing Betting odds can change on an almost daily basis; the odds listed above are accurate at the time of publication. Please click the links above to be taken to the sites and view the odds there before placing your bet.

Boxing Odds Tips

Real Deal Bet Boxing odds

Boxing Odds Advice

Essentially there are three very simple options you can bet on: Boxer A wins, Boxer B wins, or it will be a draw. Many people do choose just to stick to those three choices as it is easier, and you can still win some money despite various scenarios unfolding during the fight.

If you want to be more specific with how you think victory will be achieved, then there are much better odds available. We have listed the 6 main types of boxing bets below…

1. Method of Victory

This can be either a Knockout (a technical knockout or win by disqualification can be included here), a Points Victory, or a Draw. This is a little bit more specific than just picking a boxer to win and the odds are a bit better here too.

Crucially it still keeps things a little open as the knockout could happen in any round and you would still win your bet. Therefore, a little bit more risk is involved with this bet, but the odds are a bit better.

If a particular boxer has a great knockout record and his opponent has been stopped a few times in the past, then that could well be worth putting a few quid down.

Likewise, if both boxers have poor knockout records and the majority of their fights have gone the distance, then a Points Victory could be a ‘safe’ bet.

Most bookies offer boxing odds of 33/1 for a draw – this seems to be the common figure, but do keep an eye out for the occasional better deal.

2. Round Betting

This is where you pick a boxer to win by knockout in a specific round. This is definitely the trickiest of the different types of boxing bets available, so be careful when making your choice here. You might be fairly confident a boxer will win by knockout, but in which round?

Even people who regularly bet on boxing can find this difficult. On a positive note, this is where you find the best odds. It is not uncommon to see boxing odds of 40/1 or 50/1 for a specific round here – sometimes more! Bookies will let you bet on either boxer with all rounds available to choose from. Good luck!

Boxing Betting

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3. Total Rounds

Sometimes known as Over or Under betting. It is a bit easier than Round Betting as you don’t need to name a set round, instead, you can just bet on whether the fight will finish before or after a certain point. Bookies rarely give odds on all rounds in this section, you may only be given around six or so options.

A particular bet may be Under 8 rounds – which means that if a boxer is stopped prior to the eighth round starting, then you win your bet. Alternatively, you could go for Over 7 Rounds – whereby if a boxer is stopped from round 8 on-wards (or it is decided by points), then you would be successful. Worth noting that both of these bets would be unsuccessful if a boxer retires on his stool between the seventh and eighth rounds!

Another thing to consider is that often you will be presented with ’round and a half’ bets. By that, we mean you could see Over 7.5 or Under 9.5. So Under 9.5 actually means before 1 minute and 30 seconds of the tenth round – as each round lasts three minutes then that is the half-way point.

Some people get confused and think Under 9.5 refers to less than half distance of round nine, but this is not correct. It means half distance of the following round – in this case round 10.

Obviously, the odds are less than Round Betting, but your chances of success have been improved.

4. Round Group Betting

This is a step up from Total Rounds in terms of the accuracy needed. Here, you can choose a group of rounds in which you think your boxer will KO his opponent. You might see the following: Boxer A rounds 1-6; Boxer A rounds 7-12; or perhaps Boxer B 4-6 rounds.

This is a good option if you are pretty sure a knockout will happen, but only have a rough idea as to when. The odds are not as high as Round Betting, but then you don’t need to be so specific either. You will usually be given a combination of various groups of rounds for both boxers. Typically this is only available for the ‘bigger’ fights.

5. Will the Fight go the Distance betting

A simple yes or no question! If you think it will go the distance, then you think the bout will be decided on points and all rounds will be completed. However, if you don’t think it will go the distance, then you feel a knockout, retirement, technical knockout, or disqualification could be on the cards.

6. Boxing Specials

These are only available for big fights that have caught the general public’s attention. They could feature all manner of crazy situations arising, and can also be the most ‘fun’ of the different types of boxing bets.

It could be: Boxer A gets knocked down and then wins on points, or Boxer B will lose on cuts, for example. One of the more interesting Boxing Specials in recent years was: Anthony Joshua to win by knockout (against Charles Martin) and Tyson Fury to enter the ring after the fight has ended! They are worth taking a look at as you get some great odds in there!


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Boxing Odds Guide

You have had the chance to compare the bookies, so go ahead and choose your fight and the boxing odds that most appeal to you!

Please remember to bet responsibly. Various terms and conditions are connected to the welcome offers advertised.

Players must be aged 18 or over. Boxing odds can change on an almost daily basis; the odds listed above are accurate at the time of publication. Please click the links above to be taken to the sites and view the boxing odds there before placing your bet. Looking for more? Why not check out The ultimate Acca website. 

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