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Boxing Trivia

The Most

Which boxer had the most fights?

The record for the most number of fights is held by Len Wickwar who had 466 bouts! He racked up that number between 1928 and 1947.

Who was the tallest heavyweight world champion?

Nikolai Valuev is the tallest champion in boxing history standing at 7’2″. Sometimes listed as 7 foot, but either way he is still the biggest!

Boxing Trivia

Which boxer had the most championship title fights?

Legendary Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez holds the record for the most world title fights – an amazing 37!

Who was the oldest boxing champion?

Bernard Hopkins can rightfully claim to be the oldest man to hold a world title. At the age of 46 he beat George Foreman’s record (Foreman was 45 when he beat Micheal Moorer for the heavyweight title), and then went on to beat his own record by picking up another title when aged 48!

Who was heavyweight world champion the longest?

Joe Luis held the heavyweight crown for an astonishing 11 years and seven months!

What was the longest boxing match?

Jack Burke vs Andy Bowen remains the longest fight at 7 hours and 19 minutes. In case you are wondering, after 110 rounds it was declared a draw!

Who had the longest unbeaten run in boxing? 

Hal Bagwell has the longest unbeaten run in boxing – an almost unbelievable 183 contests!

The Least

Which heavyweight world champion had the fewest fights?

Boxing TriviaThe Heavyweight with the fewest amount of contests before winning the title is Leon Spinks. In only his eighth pro fight he defeated Muhammad Ali to become the WBC and WBA champion. Ali won the rematch seven months later…

Who was the youngest ever boxing world champion?

The youngest man to win a world title is Wilfred Benitez. He became Light Welterweight champ at only 17 years and five months!

What was the shortest ever boxing match?

The shortest professional fight recorded lasted just five seconds! It was contested between Ever Beleno and Alfredo Lugo.

Believe it or not…

Ken Norton, despite being a former WBC belt holder, is the only Heavyweight champion never to actually win a world title fight! How is this possible? The WBC awarded him the title when then champion Leon Spinks refused to defend against him; and Norton then went on to lose to Larry Holmes in his first title defence…

Boxing TriviaAlthough he was a terror in the Heavyweight division and a man who struck fear into the hearts of his opponents, Mike Tyson only stood at 5’10”. The smallest Heavyweight champion of all time is Tommy Burns who was only 5’7″.

After winning Heavyweight gold at the 1956 Olympics, Pete Rademacher challenged Floyd Patterson for the world title in only his first professional contest! Yes, he lost…

Sugar Ray Robinson coined the now popular phrase ‘Pound-for-Pound’ when comparing boxers in different weight classes.

The sport of boxing dates back the ancient Greeks and the Olympics of 688 BC. Now that is boxing trivia at it’s best, boxing trivia from over 2,000 years ago!

The great Willie Pep was only paid $3 per day to work as a sparring partner for Manuel Ortiz in 1938. However, Pep did go on to earn $20,000 for his winning bout over Ortiz some six years later.

Boxing Trivia

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