Boxing Weight Classes and Divisions

Listed below are all the various boxing weight classes and divisions – from the heaviest down to the lightest. The naming convention used are those provided by the WBC and WBA – for the IBF and WBO naming terms, please see the footnote at the bottom of the page.

The figures stated are the limits for each weight class, meaning to compete at Cruiserweight a boxer must weigh-in at under 200 lb.

Category American British Metric
Heavyweight No Limit No Limit No Limit
Cruiserweight 200 lb 14st 4 lb 90.718 kg
Light Heavyweight 175 lb 12st 7 lb 79.379 kg
Super Middleweight 168 lb 12st 76.203 kg
Middleweight 160 lb 11st 6 lb 72.575 kg
Super Welterweight 154 lb 11st 69.853 kg
Welterweight 147 lb 10st 7 lb 66.678 kg
Super Lightweight 140 lb 10st 63.503 kg
Lightweight 135 lb 9st 9 lb 61.235 kg
Super Featherweight 130 lb 9st 4 lb 58.967 kg
Featherweight 126 lb 9st 57.153 kg
Super Bantamweight 122 lb 8st 10 lb 55.338 kg
Bantamweight 118 lb 8st 6 lb 53.524 kg
Super Flyweight 115 lb 8st 3 lb 52.163 kg
Flyweight 112 lb 8st 50.802 kg
Light Flyweight 108 lb 7st 10 lb 48.988 kg
Minimum Weight 105 lb 7st 7 lb 47.627 kg

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Boxing Weight Classes and Divisions

~IBF & WBO Alternative Names~

Junior Heavyweight*: Cruiserweight
*By the WBO only.

Junior Middleweight: Super Welterweight.

Junior Welterweight: Super Lightweight.

Junior Lightweight: Super Featherweight.

Junior Featherweight: Super Bantamweight.

Junior Bantamweight: Super Flyweight.

Junior Flyweight: Light Flyweight.

Mini Flyweight: Minimum Weight.

FACT: Originally there were only eight weight classes / weight divisions in boxing: Heavyweight (No Limit); Light Heavyweight (12 st 11 lbs Limit); Middleweight (11 st 6 lbs Limit); Welterweight (10 st 7 lbs Limit); Lightweight (9 st 9 lbs Limit); Featherweight (9 st Limit); Bantamweight (8 st 6 lbs Limit); Flyweight (8 st Limit).

FACT: Catch Weight contests are becoming more popular in the modern era. This is where a boxer from a lower division agrees to fight a boxer in the division above, but the weight limit of the higher division is lowered. This forces the heavier boxer to weigh-in lighter than normal and thus bridge the gap between the two divisions. Historically, Catch Weight contests did not qualify as title fights. However, in recent times there has been a growing trend among the governing bodies to sanction such bouts as genuine title fights.

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